11 Beverly Hills Cop Fun Facts

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Beverly Hills Cop turns 30 years old this week and the Eddie Murphy film has become a classic, almost immediately after it was released. 

Did you know that Murphy wasn't the first person attached to the comedy? And did you know it wasn't even supposed to be a funny flick? 

These factoids and a slew more are coming at you as we present our 11 fun facts about Beverly Hills Cop that you probably didn't know!

Click through and discover the inside scoop on the making of a comedy classic.

1. Who Else Was Supposed to be Axel Foley?

Who Else Was Supposed to be Axel Foley?
Would you believe that Beverly Hills Cop was originally an action vehicle for Sylveter Stallone? Yup! And he wasn't the only person who considered the part. Before Eddie Murphy made it his cinematic moment, Mickey Rourke, James Caan and Al Pacino all thought about being the Beverly Hills Cop.

2. Script Bounced Around for Years

Script Bounced Around for Years
The script first surfaced in the late '70s and was a serious action flick for a time (thus how Stallone became interested) and was even considered by Martin Scorsese (when Pacino was involved) as his next film before he dropped out.

3. Real Beverly Hills PD Didn't Help

Real Beverly Hills PD Didn't Help
When director Martin Brest was seeking to come up with what the Beverly Hills Police Department headquarters looked like or even how they worked day-to-day, the force refused to participate in the movie. Therefore, Brest used his imagination and, on the DVD commentary, described how he saw it as a place housing “private security for rich people.”

4. Surprise! Eddie Murphy’s Improv Ruined Hundreds of Takes

Surprise! Eddie Murphy’s Improv Ruined Hundreds of Takes
Eddie Murphy was in a zone back when Beverly Hills Cop was filming. The SNL star improvised many of his lines and, as such, ruined hundreds of takes… not that anyone minded. The most famous was the “super-cops” scene, where you can see John Aston pinching his face. He’s either doing that in frustration, or to stop himself from laughing.

5. Bronson Pinchot Scored More Screen Time

Bronson Pinchot Scored More Screen Time
Serge was originally only supposed to have a few throw-away lines as Murphy arrived to meet his old friend. But actor Bronson Pinchot stole the scene immediately, and so Brest gave him much more screen time than originally planned. Few actors can steal scenes from Murphy, and as Pinchot did, that proved to be a good move by Brest.

6. That Wasn’t Supposed to be a Banana in the Tailpipe

That Wasn’t Supposed to be a Banana in the Tailpipe
That line about a “banana in the tailpipe?” Well, it was originally supposed to be a potato. But when the filming schedule prevented the crew from using the kitchen, the scene was moved to the hotel lobby, and who has potatoes lying around a Beverly Hills hotel lobby? Bananas, yeah, that’s more like it. And an iconic line was born!

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