11 Great Movie Music Moments

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7. Tiny Dancer from Almost Famous

The band in Almost Famous is on the verge of breaking up. Fame is increasing, but tensions are growing. Then, in a moment, they remember why they are here: The music... thank you, Elton John!

8. Johnny Be Good from Back to the Future

Your kids are gonna love it! You bet, Marty McFly!

9. Afternoon Delight from Anchorman

There are so many memorable moments in Anchorman. But, when it comes to music moments, we can't get enough of the Action News Team singing Afternoon Delight!

10. Bohemian Rhapsody from Wayne's World

When a 20-year-old song hits the top of the charts once again, you know a music movie moment has done its job. That is exactly what happened when the Wayne's World cast sang Queen's classic. Mama mia, indeed!

11. Spybreak from The Matrix

There are several things about the scene where Trinity and Neo storm the office building. First, we've never seen action like that before. Second, the Propellerheads' song Spybreak had us completely mesmerized!

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