11 Horror Movies Too Scary to See Again

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We love horror movies; there's something about witnessing someone else going through hell that makes us feel better.

Yet, there are a handful that are just too scary to ever see again. 

Click through and check out our 11 horror movies that are too scary to see again.

1. The Human Centipede

The Human Centipede
Horror movies that are completely disturbing on every level are ones that we can never see again. And atop that list is The Human Centipede! I mean, who thinks of this?!

2. The Shining

The Shining
Now, Stephen King did not particularly care for Stanley Kubrick's vision of his The Shining. But, we will never forget seeing it for the first time as a small child. And yes, that was the last time we witnessed the horror masterpiece. Perhaps it's just us, but can't see that one again.

3. The Conjuring

The Conjuring
It's the doll! No, doubt about it, we cannot see The Conjuring again because of that doll. We even got the doll at the press day for The Conjuring, and promptly donated it so it can scare someone else!

4. Evil Dead

Evil Dead
Jane Levy was going through hell trying to kick drugs and the audience never knew whether what she was seeing was withdrawal or pure horror. Turns out, it was both. The original film we adore and can see again and again. The remake, not so much.

5. The Ring

The Ring
We can handle haunting TV sets, heck, Poltergeist has been on repeat for years. But, there is something about The Ring and that thing coming out the TV that once was enough.

6. Insidious

Insidious is insidiously scary. Enough said.

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