11 Revenge Movies That Rivet

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They say revenge is a dish best served cold. But, in Hollywood, the hotter the revenge, the better the movie. 

So, what revenge movies rivet us the most?

We present 11 revenge movies that simply... get vengeance right. 

1. Django Unchained

Django Unchained
Jamie Foxx could not have been more perfectly cast as the freed slave who was now free to... extol revenge.

2. The Crow

The Crow
The entire premise of The Crow is revenge and it told that story with impeccable precision. We miss Brandon Lee and wish he could have made more of these films!

3. Death Wish

Death Wish
One of the original revenge thrillers, Death Wish put dissatisfaction with high crime rates in the 1970s into a Hollywood movie starring Charles Bronson. It was so successful, it spawned numerous sequels.

4. Gladiator

In this life or in the next... yup, Gladiator is all about getting even. When you take away a man's livelihood, his family and leave him a slave, you better watch your back. We're talking to you, Joaquin Phoenix!

5. Kill Bill

Kill Bill
The pair of Kill Bill movies were about one thing, Uma Thurman's Bride getting back at... Bill! And it was too much fun for us to watch.

6. Munich

Steven Spielberg's Munich may have been telling itself that it was a movie about justice. But, at the end of the day, it was really about the Israeli special forces making those who killed their 1972 Olympic team pay.

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