11 Worst Football Movies

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Football season has landed once again and nothing gets you in the mood more than some good football movies. Unfortunately, these 11 football films are not that! 

We found 11 of the worst football movies of all time. So, what are they? 

Click through and discover the 11 football movies we recommend you avoid like a fumble.

1. The Longest Yard

The Longest Yard
The 2005 remake of the classic The Longest Yard is not only one of the worst football movies, it surely is one of the worst movie remakes. Adam Sandler stars as a member of the prisoner football team who goes against the guards. No thanks, we'll take the original starring Burt Reynolds (who painfully appears in this one).

2. The Last Boy Scout

The Last Boy Scout
Bruce Willis is a cop on the case of a football-related murder, and who's there to help him? Why it's Damon Wayans as a former pro football player. This flick lost us the second the film started with a kick returner shooting a fellow player on the field with a handgun!

3. Gridiron Gang

Gridiron Gang
Dwayne Johnson has thankfully come a long way from making these you're supposed to feel good movies about sports that raise people up. Johnson's a counselor/coach at a juvie detention center who helps his kids discover -- through football -- that there's more to life than being delinquents.

4. The Program

The Program
The Program stars James Caan as a coach of an FSU-type college team and all the scandal that goes with it. It is just too over the top on too many levels.

5. The Longshots

The Longshots
Ice Cube is pretty good as a Pop Warner football coach in this true story about the first female to play at that level. It's just, there are SO many football cliches that the entire movie becomes one giant one!

6. Varsity Blues

Varsity Blues
Varsity Blues has an alarming message, to us. You're not much of anything unless you're the starting quarterback. James Van Der Beek is a third string QB who would rather be reading his books (oh the horror) than playing football. When he becomes first string, everything changes for him (for the better of course).

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