11 Worst Football Movies

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7. The Game Plan

The Game Plan
Dwayne Johnson scores again (or fumbles?!) on this list! In The Game Plan, Johnson plays a pro footballer who discovers he has a little girl that he never knew about. The issue with this flick is it never really knows what it wants to be.

8. Necessary Roughness

Necessary Roughness
This 1999 comedy is hardly funny and truly not even a solid account of football on the college level -- even for a farce. Scott Bakula is a 34-year-old college student who becomes the leader of his Texas school football team. They even get a female kicker to join, played by Kathy Ireland. I tell you, this thing is a mess. Poor Robert Loggia, he deserves better than this.

9. Wildcats

We can see why Goldie Hawn took the part in this '80s comedy about a female high school football coach. But, when she actually read the script, why didn't she run away like a running back from a tackle?

10. The Comebacks

The Comebacks
David Koechner is the lead in this spoof of all famous sports movies that does so by trying to be a football movie. Misfire!

11. Johnny Be Good

Johnny Be Good
Johnny Be Good stars Anthony Michael Hall as a high school football phenom and it's largely responsible for the commencement of the '80s teen star's career faltering. Robert Downey Jr. and Uma Thurman would thankfully go on to do bigger and better things. One could argue that Hall never fully recovered.

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