13 Best Big Hero 6 Quotes

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Big Hero 6 is another smash hit for Disney. The Marvel comic comes to life in brilliant form in a flick for all ages.

The Disney Animation film not only looks great, but it sounds great with quotes that kids (and adults!) will be repeating for years. 

Here are our 13 favorite and most unforgettable Big Hero 6 quotes.

1. Meet Baymax

Big hero 6 baymax

Hello, I'm Baymax, your healthcare companion.

Ladies and gentlemen, the future Disney icon known as Baymax.

2. Baymax Not So Fast

Big hero 6 characters hiro and baymax

Hiro Hamada: Come on!
Baymax: I am not fast.
Hiro Hamada: Yeah, no kidding

Cute, smart and cuddly, but Baymax is not fast.

3. Baymax Nails It

Big hero 6 still photo

Will this stabilize your pubescent mood swings?

After carefully analyzing Hiro, Baymax determines what's wrong with him... he's a teen!

4. Fred Is Enthusiastic

Big hero 6 fred

I’m not a science student. I’m more of a science enthusiast.

Fred's quite the character, and as brought to life by TJ Miller -- he's simply awesome.

5. How Wasabi Got His Nickname

Big hero 6 wasabi poster

I spilled wasabi on me, one time!

The message here is: Careful what you spill on yourself around your friends.

6. Baymax Is Stunned

Big hero 6 baymax hiro

We jumped out a wiiiiindooooow

Hiro leads Baymax... well, out the window! And not just any window.

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I wear them front, I wear them back, I go inside out, then I go front and back.


Hello, I'm Baymax, your healthcare companion.


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