13 Best Pitch Perfect 2 Quotes

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Pitch Perfect 2 may have had a different song list and taken place three years after Pitch Perfect, but it shared one thing in a big way -- lots of heart. That's why the film series about a singing girl group is so popular and that can be seen throughout the movie. 

Sure, we love the songs that Anna Kendrick's Beca and her fellow Bellas sing, but it's the relationship between these ladies that is pure gold. And that comes through with some of the film's most resonant quotes. 

We found 13 of our favorite and if you click through our latest slideshow, you'll discover our 13 best Pitch Perfect 2 quotes. 

1. Lilly Gets Another Whopper

Pitch perfect 2 anna kendrick hana mae lee

All my teeth come from different people.

Lilly Okanakamura
Lilly says the most amazing things in Pitch Perfect and now in Pitch Perfect 2.

2. Do What and Who

Pitch perfect 2 cast poster

Stacie: I will do whoever it takes in order for us to get back to the top.
Fat Amy: You mean whatever it takes.
Stacie: Yeah, I'll do that too.

Some of the Bellas are quite committed to getting back on top.

3. Beca Lays Out the German

Pitch perfect 2 anna kendrick photo

Aca-Wiedersehen bitches!

The interchanges between Anna Kendrick's Beca and the German Das Sound Machine are just one part of why Pitch Perfect 2 is so awesome.

4. The World Hates Us!

Pitch perfect 2 elizabeth banks john michael higgins

That's because they hate us. The whole world, the whole world hates us!

John Smith
John and his aca-play by play partner get in another long list of great Pitch Perfect quotes.

5. Fat Amy Wants In

Rebel wilson pitch perfect 2

I could be the ham in that man sandwich!

Fat Amy
Wonder if she is truly a Green Bay fan or just likes their "players?"

6. Das Sound Quote

Pitch perfect 2 das sound machine photo

Your team is like a heated mess so what once was a little messy is now ever messier.

A heated mess, indeed!

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Pitch Perfect 2 Quotes

Your team is like a heated mess so what once was a little messy is now ever messier.


John: This could very well be the greatest conflict between America and Germany in our nation's history!
Gail: ...Crack a book, John.

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