13 Horrific Facts About Friday the 13th

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7. Short Filming, Long Post

Short Filming, Long Post
Although the film only took 28 days to film, it took 10 weeks to edit.

8. Two Fridays, One Horror

Two Fridays, One Horror
Friday the 13th takes place on TWO infamous days, June 13, 1958 and June 13, 1979.

9. Field of Lost Dreams

Field of Lost Dreams
Sally Field auditioned for the lead role of Alice Hardy, that eventually went to Adrienne King. Producers have said that it was King’s ability to scream like hell on earth that got her the part.

10. Kill Count

Kill Count
Despite what you may think, the body count for the horror classic is much less than any horror movie today, or action movie for that matter. Including that snake, it is 11 deaths.

11. Music Mistake

Music Mistake
When people recall the iconic theme song by Harry Manfredini, they often repeat it saying, “Chi, chi, chi, ha, ha, ha.” In fact, the composer said it is “Ki, ki, ki, ma, ma, ma” in reference to Jason saying Kill, kill, kill, Mom, Mom, Mom.”

12. Friday the 13th By the Numbers

Friday the 13th By the Numbers
Friday the 13th banked almost $40 million upon its initial release. Not bad for a film that only cost a half million to make!

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You're doomed! You're all doomed!

Crazy Ralph

Alice: Who are you?
Pamela Voorhees: Why I'm... I'm Mrs. Voorhees, an old friend of the Christys'.