13 Hysterical Horror Comedies

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Sure, everyone loves to get a little frightened from time to time, and that is what makes us love horror movies so much. But, other times, you want a little bit of silly with your scares. And that's where the horror-comedy comes in perfectly. 

Hundreds and hundreds of films have tried to succeed in this genre, but it's a tough nut to crack. But, when a film does score both the horror and the hysterical moments, it's one to remember. 

We found 13 hysterical horror comedies to brighten up your Halloween week. Who made our list of faves? 

Click through and discover our 13 horror comedies that make the grade. 

1. Beetlejuice

Expecting someone other than Beetlejuice to start us off? Hardly! Tim Burton's classic, starring Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice, will always have a special place in our heart. Also, it's the kind of horror comedy that you can see over and over and over, and it never gets old -- or dated!

2. Ghostbusters

There's a reason why after 30 years we're still talking about another Ghostbusters movie and why the all-female reboot has gathered such attention. Audiences love this movie and for those who want credit for seeing a supernatural movie without the jaw-dropping scares, Ghostbusters scores every time. And having a trio of comedy legends in the leads, well, that doesn't hurt the laugh factor either.

3. The Frighteners

The Frighteners
We love The Frighteners! Never heard of The Frighteners? Well, run, don't walk, and check out one of Peter Jackson's first movies with Michael J. Fox as a psychic who uses his powers to con people -- that is until one spirit has had just about enough.

4. Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies is not only haunting with its horror, but it is also as eerily romantic as it is hilariously funny. I mean, what other horror movie has a line like, "Just don't be creepy," as our zombie (Nicholas Hoult) is approaching his crush (Teresa Palmer)? He's a zombie! How is he not going to be freaky?

5. Gremlins

Gremlins counts as a horror movie, it has Gremlins in it! And quite a few laughs too. This is another classic horror comedy that has aged remarkably well.

6. Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors
Here's a gem for ya, how about a horror-comedy that is also a musical?! Score, right? Plus, seeing Steve Martin as a sadistic dentist in this Broadway cult classic musical is nothing short of horrifically hilarious.

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