13 Scariest Movie Monsters

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Godzilla is back in a big way, leading the charge for a long list of modern movie monsters that scare us to our bones. 

There are many ways to scare an audience in the horror-thriller genre. But, there is something uniquely terrifying about the monstrous appearance of some of these beasts of cinematic scares. 

Click through and discover our favorite 13 modern movie monsters that bring the fear every time they appear.

1. Pale Man in Pan's Labyrinth

Pale Man in Pan's Labyrinth
What's so scary about a pale white man with funky eyes who eats children? Everything!

2. Godzilla

The King of the Monsters has more than earned his title with his latest cinematic adventure.

3. The Alien in the Alien Movies

The Alien in the Alien Movies
Sure, he's otherworldly, but the Alien in the Alien movies is pure monster movie classic. And don't get us started on how incredibly scary this beast is.

4. The Shark in Jaws

The Shark in Jaws
The shark in Jaws is a special kind of movie monster. Sure, he's a creature of the sea that we are all too familiar with. But, wouldn't you agree that he is a classic modern movie monster on so many levels?!

5. The Monsters of Pacific Rim

The Monsters of Pacific Rim
The monsters of Pacific Rim have a special place in our hearts. They are so beyond massive there is no way we can defeat them. But, we do build massive monsters of our own and kind of do pretty well.

6. The Monster from Cloverfield

The Monster from Cloverfield
What makes the monster from Cloverfield so scary is that we see the mayhem he creates, long before we actually witness his massiveness. It's pretty powerful to go psychological first before going visual.

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