15 Fantastic 2014 Movies You Haven’t Seen

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7. Beyond the Lights

Beyond the Lights
Beyond the Lights is a movie that will have you singing its praises. We adored it and think it is one of the best of the year, and the critics' collective Rotten Tomatoes has it certified fresh. The story of a pop princess and her romance with an LAPD cop truly hits all the high notes. $7.5 million in ticket sales tells us that more of you need to see this film... now!

8. The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything
Eddie Redmayne astounds as Professor Stephen Hawking in a movie that the great mind said made him ball with glee. This is not a physics story of greatness in that field, this is a romance that tells how Hawking's wife inspired him to greatness, when it appeared that ALS would prevent him from doing absolutely anything. Everyone run out and go see this film and let's get that $1.2 million box office take to tick a lot higher!

9. The Rover

The Rover
The Rover is one of the most powerful dramas we witnessed in 2014, so why has it only made $1.1 million? It showed us also that Robert Pattinson can be an acting force of nature. He goes toe-to-toe with Guy Pearce (one of the best working today) in a post-apocalyptic thriller that will have you guessing what it's all about... right up until the very end.

10. Hector and the Search for Happiness

Hector and the Search for Happiness
Hector and the Search for Happiness might be one of the most life-affirming movies that came out all year. Simon Pegg gives the performance of his life and Rosamund Pike wowed us long before she did in Gone Girl. It's funny. It's charming. It's romantic. It's inspiring. But it unfortunately hasn't done that for too many, as it has only made $939,000!

11. The Signal

The Signal
The Signal, heck, just take our word for it. No spoilers, no plot points, nothing. It's just one of the more original movies you will see all year. And when the credits roll, you'll be thinking about it for days. And tell your friends too -- as it has only made $600,000, there aren't too many of us out there to talk about it with!

12. I Origins

I Origins
I Origins (only made $336,000) is a fascinating study of science and religion that also works as an astute thriller. A scientist sets out to prove that God doesn't exist. By the end of his studies, not only does he believe in a higher power, but the reach of its power is simply mind-blowing.

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