15 Top X-Men Movie Mutants

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Who doesn't love the mutants of X-Men?

We sure do, and we have a keen idea of who our favorites are and in what order!

So, who would rank as number one? In fact, who would even be in our top five movie mutants? 

Click through and see our full top 15 X-Men movie mutants!

15. Blink

With her ability to teleport people through all sorts of peril, what's not to like about Blink? She comes in handy throughout X-Men: Days of Future Past.

14. Colossus

Talk about loving heavy metal! Colossus can turn himself into the hardest of steel and, honestly, that is one mutant power that not only looks great onscreen, but comes in handy when battling those nasty Sentinels.

13. Bishop

We're loving Bishop and hoping his part in X-Men: Days of Future Past is just the beginning of his long stay in the world of X-Men.

12. Sabretooth

This one may be a controversial choice, but we loved Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth in the X-Men Origins movie that focused on Wolverine. He was like a yin to Wolverine's yang in the most complicated of ways.

11. Iceman

The Iceman cometh and we follow -- although you might want to bring a coat and some gloves.

10. Cyclops

Who wouldn't want to be able to shoot explosive fire through their eyes? Just make sure you have plenty of Visine!

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