17 Menacing Movie Monsters: CGI That Scared the Pants Off of You

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13. King Kong (King Kong)

King Kong (King Kong)
Another epic reboot of the original monster movie, King Kong returned to the big screen in 2005, with a CGI gorilla instead of the puppet one from the old days. It was hit or miss for the most part, but some of the hits were pretty amazing!

14. Terminator (Terminator Genisys)

Terminator (Terminator Genisys)
The new Terminator movie promises to have state of the art effects that will have Terminator fans on the edge of their seats. These shapeshifting cyborgs might be one of the best monsters of the summer!

15. Medusa (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

Medusa (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
A movie about Greek mythology gives you a lot of monsters to chose from, but Medusa was an excellent pick, played to perfection by Uma Thurman. Those snakes? Chilling.

16. Smaug (The Hobbit)

Smaug (The Hobbit)
Despite the Hobbit being dragged out through three movies when it could have easily been cut into just one, Smaug was still pretty stunning. Some of the best scenes of the trilogy were the ones where they just let Smaug chase a screaming Bilbo around.

17. Renesmee (Twilight: Breaking Dawn)

Renesmee (Twilight: Breaking Dawn)
Yep, the final CGI movie monster award goes to this little bundle of joy because her CGI face was the scariest effing thing I've ever seen. Why why why did they do this? People will have nightmares for years about this vampire baby, I'm calling it now.

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