19 Most Iconic Movie Props

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Movie props are carefully selected to fit the tone and story of a film, and oftentimes they can leap off the silver screen and become iconic. 

With certain movies, it's hard to imagine them without these items. Like, can you see Luke Skywalker without his lightsaber? Hardly! 

We went through the history of film and discovered 19 movie props that are so iconic, they transcend the format. 

Click through and meet our 19 most iconic movie props of all time.

1. Star Wars' Lightsaber

Star Wars' Lightsaber
You would be hard-pressed to find a movie prop more iconic than the lightsaber that George Lucas introduced in Star Wars: A New Hope. Many filmmakers have tried to replicate it, while still appearing different. But, there will only be one lightsaber. And we could not be more thrilled that technology has improved to where we can actually own one. No, it doesn't cut through steel (and people), but it looks like the one in the movies.

2. Indiana Jones’ Whip

Indiana Jones’ Whip
Indiana Jones had several items that could have been placed in the iconic department, like his Fedora and his leather jacket. But when we think of Indiana Jones, we immediately think about his whip! Don’t you love how in the third Indiana Jones movie it is explained how he got that scar on his face? Yup, as a boy he was practicing with that iconic whip and it got the best of him.

3. Citizen Kane’s Rosebud

Citizen Kane’s Rosebud
For the two people who haven’t seen Citizen Kane, we won’t reveal the true nature of Rosebud. But, for what many consider the best movie of all time, there is no greater symbol of that film than Rosebud. In fact, it is one of the first words uttered by a dying Orson Welles in the film. Then, we spend the entire movie trying to figure out what exactly Rosebud is.

4. The Wizard of Oz’s Ruby Slippers

The Wizard of Oz’s Ruby Slippers
There are iconic movies and then there is The Wizard of Oz. How legendary are Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers? They’re in the Smithsonian for goodness sakes!

5. Back to the Future’s DeLorean

Back to the Future’s DeLorean
Of all the cars that filmmakers could have chosen to be the vehicle for Doc and Marty McFly to experience time travel, it was a stroke of genius to have it be the DeLorean. Movie Fanatic got to drive one once, and yes, we went to 88 miles-per-hour and sadly, nothing happened.

6. Harry Potter’s Wand

Harry Potter’s Wand
A wizard is nothing without his wand and Harry Potter’s would prove to be the one thing (along with his training and power and passion) that would see to the end of Voldemort’s wrath.

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