21 Funniest Women in Movies

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Comedy is one difficult ability to master and for women in Hollywood, getting the opportunity to do so on film has not been an easy journey. 

But, right now we are in a virtual renaissance of female comediennes working in film and it seems like every other week a new comedic flick arrives starring one of our favorite funny ladies. 

Click through and enjoy our tribute to the 21 funniest women working in movies.

1. Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig
Expecting someone else to start this list? It may have been sad that Kristen Wigg left SNL after all those insanely funny comedic skits she was a part of. But, that just means more opportunity for her to be funny on film. Can you imagine anyone else as hysterical in Bridesmaids or Despicable Me 2? Wiig is the wizard of hilarity and she is just getting started.

2. Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock is an Oscar winner for her dramatic work, but she is also quite astute at comedy. Just watch her in The Heat or Miss Congeniality and she'll make you laugh silly.

3. Jane Lynch

Jane Lynch
Jane Lynch has been a comedy vet for years, what with all her roles in those Christopher Guest movies like Best in Show. But, it seems lately she is just exploding!

4. Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy
Bridesmaids announced Melissa McCarthy to the world, and she has not stopped. With her work in Identity Thief, The Heat, her scene-stealing turn in The Hangover 3 and the upcoming Tammy, this funny lady is just getting started.

5. Tina Fey

Tina Fey
Tina Fey is even funny when she's singing and dancing with a Russian accent in Muppets Most Wanted. Since 30 Rock has closed its doors, she's free to do nothing but movies. Given her turns in Date Night, Baby Mama and Mean Girls (which she wrote!), Fey's film career is barely getting going.

6. Anna Faris

Anna Faris
Anna Faris has long shown her talents as a comedic actress. In fact, The House Bunny is one of our favorite guilty pleasures. You know, it takes great smarts to play characters so dumb!

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