25 The Hunt for Red October Fun Facts

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The Hunt for Red October premiered in theaters 25 years ago! The Cold War thriller had a lot going on behind the scenes of the hit movie that starred Alec Baldwin and Sean Connery. 

As the Tom Clancy book turned movie marks a quarter century, we look back and reveal over two dozen fun facts about the film that is considered a classic. 

Click through and learn something new, specifically 25 fun facts, about The Hunt for Red October.

1. That Teddy Bear

That Teddy Bear
Director John McTiernan used the same bear that Jack Ryan takes home at the end of The Hunt for Red October as he does in the hands of Bruce Willis' John McClane at the beginning of Die Hard.

2. Harrison Ford Did Come First

Harrison Ford Did Come First
Harrison Ford may have famously followed up Alec Baldwin in the role of Jack Ryan after The Hunt for Red October. But he was the one first offered the role and turned it down for this particular movie because he thought too much of the story focused on Sean Connery’s Russian sub commander Captain Ramius.

3. Too Close For Comfort?

Too Close For Comfort?
Members of Congress and even former spies have wondered how Tom Clancy knew so much about nuclear submarine technology and specific vessels that had come from classified information. The Hunt for Red October book is so spot-on, yet Clancy promises it is just fictional luck.

4. Tom Clancy First Failures

Tom Clancy First Failures
Clancy tried to get the book published but he was met with a comprehensive “no” from the publishing world. The Naval Institute Press was the big winner as the group that had previously published Clancy’s non-fiction work put the book out. Ronald Reagan read it. Loved it. And the rest was history.

5. More Mrs. Ryan

More Mrs. Ryan
There was more of Cathy Ryan, aka Mrs. Ryan, shot for The Hunt for Red October, but a ton of actress Gates McFadden's scenes were cut in post. They recast the role for the Harrison Ford movie with Anne Archer playing the part and, yes, the part was seriously pumped up.

6. Actresses Who Dodged a Bullet

Actresses Who Dodged a Bullet
Getting cut from a film is no easy thing to go through. So these actresses who auditioned to be Cathy Ryan might be glad they didn’t get the part: Diane Keaton, Goldie Hawn, Sally Field, Jessica Lange and Cher.

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