7 Best Movie Billionaires

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They say money doesn't bring happiness. But, for these film billionaires, we certainly get a certain amount of happiness watching them live! 

What does being uber wealthy allow you to do? For some, it means becoming a superhero. For others, it means achieving a dream like Coming to America.

Click through and bask in the wealth of our 11 best movie billionaires. 

1. Tony Stark

Tony Stark
If we had billions, like Tony Stark, we would honestly do the same thing and build a machine that would turn us into a superhero. Just saying.

2. Smaug

Forbes recently estimated that all that gold the evil dragon Smaug was sitting on was worth over $60 billion. Yeah, we might put up a fight to keep it too. Get away from my billions, you rascal Bilbo!

3. Charles Foster Kane

Charles Foster Kane
The titlular character in Citizen Kane was worth billions. We like him because he used his money to get what he wanted out of life. As you do.

4. Goldfinger

Goldfinger was obsessed with gold. He even had a woman covered with it from head to toe. They say that that much money makes you mad. Guess Goldfinger is proof of that.

5. Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne
Bruce inherited his billions, and after a life of being a playboy, decided to do some good -- as Batman. We think that's noble.

6. Akeem Joffer

Akeem Joffer
Eddie Murphy's Akeem Joffer was the most jolly and heartfelt of the movie billionaires. And you got to love he used his money to achieve his dream of Coming to America to work in a fast food joint.

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