7 Keys to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Being Great

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The Amazing Spider-Man was a huge success for Sony and director Marc Webb. 

Expectations are super high for the sequel, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and given that we have three villains, there's triple the chance for some serious bad-assery! 

Superhero sequels are a tough mountain to climb.

We present 7 keys to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 being a huge success.

1. Spidey's Humor Must Continue

Spidey's Humor Must Continue
One of the things we adore about Spider-Man in general is he always has a sense of humor, no matter what he's doing... even in the most dire of circumstances. We suspect in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, that will grow even further.

2. Peter Parker & Gwen Stacy Romance Grows, But Not Without Peril

Peter Parker & Gwen Stacy Romance Grows, But Not Without Peril
Gwen and Peter truly hit it off in the first film, now their romance must continue and grow… but there must be some conflict. We suspect a certain villain (or three) will have something to do with that. It was wise for the Shailene Woodley Mary Jane character to have her scenes cut. We're not quite ready for that kind of relationship conflict.

3. Don't Batman and Robin The Villains

Don't Batman and Robin The Villains
Batman and Robin famously overcrowded its film with too many villains. Even though we know there are three in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we know that the main one will be Electro (Jamie Foxx). The Rhino (Paul Giamatti) is supporting and Dane DeHaan’s Green Goblin will likely just be introduced as his villain will play a bigger role in subsequent films. Well, let's hope that is how it goes!

4. Let Foxx be Foxx

Let Foxx be Foxx
Electro is such a fascinating villain. How does Spider-Man deal with fighting someone who can literally electrocute you? And Foxx is an Oscar-winning actor. Webb, we're sure, won’t let Foxx be overshadowed by layers of Electro make-up or lightning-wielding power. Foxx is best when he is just being Foxx. We haven't seen him play a true villain before, and… we. can't. wait.

5. Spider-Man Loves Being Spider-Man

Spider-Man Loves Being Spider-Man
Now that we got that origins story over with, we hope that even though the stakes of danger are higher in the second film Peter Parker is having a true blast being the superhero. Now that he has command of his powers, look for him to bask in the glow of being… well, Spider-Man!

6. Harry Osborn & Peter Parker Friendship Must Flourish

Harry Osborn & Peter Parker Friendship Must Flourish
One of the great joys of the Raimi trilogy was the friendship (before it turned sour) between Harry Osborn and Peter Parker. With actors as powerful as Dane DeHaan and Andrew Garfield, we look forward to much joy between these two… before their epic Spider-Man and Green Goblin battle.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2
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