7 Ways to Fix Hollywood

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Even though year after year ticket sales seem to be OK for Hollywood studios, there is a sentiment amongst audiences that things need to change. 

There are so many remakes, sequels and films based on games, songs, TV shows or who knows what! 

Might we suggest these seven ideas for how to fix the movie business. 

Sure, it seem to be working quite well. But, can't we all always do better? 

Click through and check out our 7 ways to fix Hollywood. 


1. Stop Making Films Based on Previously Known Properties Unless...

Stop Making Films Based on Previously Known Properties Unless...
As much as we are guilty of being excited for the upcoming Jon M. Chu version of Blumhouse's Jem and the Holograms, more often than not, films based on pop culture fare that isn't film-based really miss the mark. For every 21 Jump Street, there is a Marmaduke and The Smurfs. The difference, and this is the only reason 21 Jump Street worked, was there was a pair of smart creators behind it who took it in a new and fresh direction. If you have nothing original to offer, then why are you doing it at all? Audiences have wised up to you and every time a Six Million Dollar Man or T.J. Hooker movie is announced, you wonder why people roll their collective eyes.

2. No Cash Grab Sequels

No Cash Grab Sequels
Sure, Journey to the Center of the Earth did surprisingly well. But, the operative word in that sentence is "surprisingly." Given that fact, do not make Journey 2 and re-cast Dwayne Johnson for Brendan Fraser. OK, that one made some money too, but it doesn’t mean it was any good. All it did was further have audiences' faith in the originality of Hollywood be dented.

3. Give New Voices a Shot

Give New Voices a Shot
Look at this year's Oscar nominees and you'll find some incredible movies that had audiences amazed, from Whiplash (Damien Chazelle) to Nightcrawler (Dan Gilroy). When someone new comes along, audiences get excited about the storytelling potential coming their way from Tinseltown. Not that we don't want films from our favorite filmmaking veterans, but when marks are made such as were in 2014 with some wildly original movies, I say, studios, give more of those folks a shot and prepare to have audiences in the palms of your hands.

4. Stop With Two Trailers

Stop With Two Trailers
Another thing that moviegoers complain about lately is how trailers give away too much of the story. When they finally sit in the theater and witness the film that they have paid to see, they realize that some of the best parts of the motion picture -- they've already seen! A trailer is meant to tease. We even prefer the word "teaser." Don’t give away the farm! One way to avoid this is to limit the number of trailers that are created. Why not stop at two trailers and leave the audience guessing?

5. Move DVD Release Dates Further Into Future

Move DVD Release Dates Further Into Future
When Movie Fanatic worked in a video store back in the day, the average amount of time it took for a film to go from theatrical release to home video release was at the minimum a year. With so many movies arriving on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download so soon after their theatrical release, a pervasive attitude has also arrived from moviegoers. Why leave the comfort of my home with my super sick home video system and pay money to go to a theater when I can wait a few months and see it at home? They're NOT wrong. Let's return to waiting a year for home videos. Watch attendance in theaters grow.

6. Make Middle Budget Movies!

Make Middle Budget Movies!
No matter who we talk to in our junket interviews (from Jennifer Aniston to Benedict Cumberbatch), they all say the same thing. Hollywood does not make movies unless they are micro budgeted indies or blockbuster tent poles. The $50 to $60 million movie does not exist anymore. Bring back those and many genres (like murder mysteries -- Gone Girl was a huge success -- and elaborate comedies, for example) will return to please audience members who feel their interests have been ignored of late.

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