9 Cancer-Themed Films That Made Us Laugh, Cry or Both

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Cancer is one serious subject and Hollywood is no stranger to tackling difficult subject matters. 

Click through to see nine movies that tackled cancer and inspired us in the process, from the serious -- Terms of Endearment -- to the ones that used humor -- 50/50 and The Bucket List!

1. Dying Young

Dying Young
Dying Young featured Julia Roberts in one of her first roles post Pretty Woman. Roberts plays a woman stricken with cancer, who finds love.

2. 50/50

Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogen find the funny in the serious nature that is cancer. 50/50 made us believe in hope, while making us laugh.

3. One True Thing

One True Thing
One True Thing featured the powerhouse that is acting legend Meryl Streep. We can find inspiration in anything she does, but especially with this powerful subject matter.

4. A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember
Nicholas Sparks has often used illness or death in his films, none more effectively than in A Walk to Remember. Mandy Moore charmed in this cancer story.

5. Beaches

Beaches is a classic that still to this day has us crying and weeping. Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey defined film friendship in the face of life challenges.

6. Life As a House

Life As a House
Life As a House is one underrated movie! Besides introducing us to a serious James Franco, it tackled cancer in the most humane of ways.

Wait! There's more Cancer-Themed Films That Made Us Laugh, Cry or Both! Just click "Next" below:

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50/50 Quotes

If you were a casino game, you would have the best odds.


Adam: You really think that a girl is going to go for me just 'cause I have cancer?
Kyle: For the millionth time. Yes!

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Seth Rogen and screenwriter Will Reiser lived the experience that is portrayed onscreen in 50/50. The movie is a symphony of sensational...

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