9 Things We Learned From Guardians of the Galaxy DVD Bonus Features

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Guardians of the Galaxy is coming out on home video on digital download, Blu-Ray and DVD December 9 and we got to see the entire bonus features set before anyone else in the world! 

So, what did we see and what did we learn? 

Click through and discover the 9 things that we learned from the Guardians of the Galaxy DVD and Blu-Ray bonus features.

These are the nine that truly blew us away!

1. Fake Laugh Scene Is Longer

Fake Laugh Scene Is Longer
We saw that scene where Star Lord is telling the Guardians about his plan, or a percentage of a plan. That scene is actually longer and goes into more detail about Rocket's laugh... or fake laugh! They even vote to see who thinks the laugh is fake. And Gamora brilliantly even uses a percentage!

2. James Gunn Is Obsessed with Raccoons

James Gunn Is Obsessed with Raccoons
The love that went into Rocket was clear and audiences responded as it’s safe to say that he and Groot are two of audiences’ favorite Guardians of the Galaxy. “I spent a lot of time dealing with the animalness of Rocket's eyes,” Gunn said in one of the bonus features we saw. He used a real raccoon to study the movements of the animal and became quite close with the little guy, whose name is Oreo, and even brought him to the London premiere!

3. Rocket's Back

Rocket's Back
Speaking of Rocket, when the scars are shown on Rocket’s back -- that Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) sees in the movie -- that proves to be quite the emotional moment. Gunn let us know his thoughts behind the backstory on that. Gunn told us that the metal protrusions on his backside were the result of him literally being “broken open” so that the animal could stand up and hold a weapon. One of the reasons Guardians of the Galaxy is so huge, we believe, is this type of attention to detail by Gunn.

4. Sisters Battle

Sisters Battle
We love the deleted scene of Gamora (Zoe Saldana) and Nebula (Karen Gillan) arguing over who is a better killer, and in a way having a larger discussion about who is their adopted father’s (Thanos) favorite. It’s a rocking scene, but we can see why it got cut.

5. Best of the Gag Reel

Best of the Gag Reel
The gag reel will prove to be an utter delight for all of those who get the Guardians of the Galaxy DVD and Blu-Ray. But our favorite was a scene featuring Rocket and Groot. Rocket is getting into a pod and tells Groot he is too big to get in, so Rocket has to go alone. Only the door to the pod keeps closing before Rocket can finish his line. Hilarious!

6. The Song Chris Pratt Hates

The Song Chris Pratt Hates
The soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy went to number one and was and is a bona fide smash. The use of '70s pop songs is a stroke of utter genius by Gunn, but in one of the bonus features talking about the use of the music, Chris Pratt admits that “ if I have to hear the Pina Colada song one more time, I'm gonna lose it."

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