9 Worst Spin-Off Movies in History

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7. Never Say Never Again

Never Say Never Again
We're calling Never Say Never Again a spin-off of a Bond movie. Why, you ask? Because it was not sanctioned by the people who put out Bond movies and is basically a rip-off of Thunderball. Did Sean Connery suddenly wake up in the early '80s and decide he wanted to be Bond again? Someone should have put a stop to this before it started.

8. Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty
Sure, Steve Carell stole a scene from Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty. Heck, we can watch that scene over and over again. But why, oh why, would they spend $175 million and give us a spin-off focused on his Evan character and make him a modern day Noah?!

9. Son of the Mask

Son of the Mask
Jim Carrey would not do a sequel to The Mask. So eager to keep that series going, they cast Jamie Kennedy as the Son of the Mask.

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