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Annabelle is a prequel that sets in motion the events that played out in the horror hit The Conjuring.

James Wan's blockbuster featured a haunting doll, that has the name Annabelle. Now, that horrific doll has her own movie!

Check out all the Annabelle stills!

1. One Horror-able Doll!

One Horror-able Doll!
Why would you have this doll in your house? Just, why?!

2. Annabelle Smiles for the Camera

Annabelle Smiles for the Camera
Annabelle, she's so cute... not!

3. The Annabelle Banner

The Annabelle Banner
The banner for the horror prequel, Annabelle.

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Annabelle Quotes

[whispering to Mia] I like your dolls.

Thin Woman

[to Mia while possessed] May God have mercy on your soul!

Father Perez

Annabelle Review

For those who adore The Conjuring, the news that producers were going back in time for a prequel that focused on that haunting doll was...

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