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Blackhat stars Chris Hemsworth as a jailed hacker who is released from prison to help the federal government catch an international hacker who is threatening to bring down the international economy. 

The film also stars Viola Davis and is from director Michael Mann. 

Universal Pictures has released a slew of stills from Blackhat featuring Hemsworth, Davis and stunning Asian locales.

1. Chris Hemsworth Takes Aim

Chris Hemsworth Takes Aim
Chris Hemsworth takes aim in Blackhat.

2. Tang Wei in Blackhat

Tang Wei in Blackhat
Blackhat star Tang Wei keeps her cards close to her chest.

3. Run, Chris Hemsworth, Run!

Run, Chris Hemsworth, Run!
Chris Hemsworth is on the run in a photo from Blackhat.

4. Michael Mann Directs Chris Hemsworth

Michael Mann Directs Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth is directed by Michael Mann on the set of Blackhat.

5. Phone Call, Chris!

Phone Call, Chris!
Chris takes a call in a still from Blackhat. Think it's the hacker?

6. Viola Davis in Blackhat

Viola Davis in Blackhat
Viola Davis stars as a government agent who recruits Hemsworth's hacker to help catch a hacker.

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