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Kristen Stewart stretches her wings big time as an MP working the Guantanamo Bay prison in Camp X-Ray

The title of the film comes from the nickname that those soldiers who live and work there call it. 

Stewart challenges the system in Camp X-Ray and finds that nothing can change... or can it? 

Check out our photos from Camp X-Ray, landing in theaters October 28.

1. Official Camp X-Ray Poster

Official Camp X-Ray Poster
The poster for Camp X-Ray is here! Kristen Stewart fights for freedom.

2. Kristen Stewart Stands Tough

Kristen Stewart Stands Tough
Despite the yelling of a prisoner, Kristen Stewart's MP refuses to budge.

3. Kristen Stewart Tries Reason

Kristen Stewart Tries Reason
In a place that has no reason, Kristen Stewart tries to reason with a prisoner in Camp X-Ray.

4. Kristen Stewart in Camp X-Ray

Kristen Stewart in Camp X-Ray
Stewart looks quite the part in a still from Camp X-Ray.

5. Kristen Stewart at Attention

Kristen Stewart at Attention
Kristen Stewart stands at attention in a still from Camp X-Ray.

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Camp X-Ray
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