Dwayne Johnson Hercules Photos

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Dwayne Johnson could not have been a better choice to play Hercules in Hercules

The massive star, also known as The Rock, not only looks the part, but has the panache to pull it off. 

Check out our collection of Hercules stills and photos that Johnson released on social media while making the movie!

1. Hercules Poster

Hercules Poster
The first Hercules poster! Dwayne Johnson so looks the part, no?

2. Dwayne Johnson is Hercules

Dwayne Johnson is Hercules
Could there be a better person to play Hercules than Dwayne Johnson? Hardly!

3. Hercules is Angry!

Hercules is Angry!
Johnson's Hercules appears to be a little tied up at the moment.

4. Hercules and His Chariot

Hercules and His Chariot
Hercules, your chariot awaits! Johnson posted this arty pic on Twitter.

5. Hercules & His Army

Hercules & His Army
Hercules is not alone in this fight!

6. Brett Ratner Shoots The Rock

Brett Ratner Shoots The Rock
Dwayne Johnson is ready for action, and Hercules director Brett Ratner is set to capture it.

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