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As the Entourage movie has started filming, stars have shared a quartet of behind-the-scenes shots of our favorite Entourage getting ready to step it up a notch. We've also got our hands on the film's first poster.

The Entourage movie also has added Billy Bob Thornton to the cast as a billionaire who wants to invest in Vince's (Adrian Grenier) next movie. 

More photos to come as the Entourage movie takes shape. 

1. The Boys Are Back!

The Boys Are Back!
Entourage is in full effect!

2. Sloan's Back And Pregnant!

Sloan's Back And Pregnant!
E's going to be a dad!

3. Entourage Poster

Entourage Poster
The poster for Entourage. The hit HBO series is hitting the big screen.

4. Turtle and Johnny Drama

Turtle and Johnny Drama
Turtle and Johnny Drama tell their story.

5. Four Friends, Big Dreams

Four Friends, Big Dreams
That car, gotta love that car!

6. Turtle Ponders the Future

Turtle Ponders the Future
Or his next move, who knows?!

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