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Furious 7 has finishing up its filming that was halted due to the death of its star, Paul Walker. A series of photos has finally appeared online that show off the action-packed seventh Fast and Furious film. 

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1. The Paul Walker Tribute Poster

The Paul Walker Tribute Poster
Essentially, we'll look at this latest Furious 7 poster as the Paul Walker tribute poster. It's perfect.

2. Jason Statham & Dwayne Johnson Jam

Jason Statham & Dwayne Johnson Jam
The fight we want to see... is happening!

3. Car Drop

Car Drop
Cars drop from everywhere in this thing! This time, it's into a forest freeway.

4. Paul Walker in Action

Paul Walker in Action
This was just one of the supremely awesome action sequences in the Furious 7 trailer!

5. Jordana Brewster Looks On

Jordana Brewster Looks On
Jordana Brewster seems a bit worried in this still, no?

6. Danger in the Desert

Danger in the Desert
The cars of Furious 7 line up for action in Dubai.

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Letty: Did you bring the cavalry?
Hobbs: Woman, I am the cavalry.