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Godzilla is set to rage into theaters May 16 and as time has gone on, Warner Bros. has shown us more and more of the monster. 

Click through and see the various Godzilla posters as the film's release date gets closer. 

1. Godzilla IMAX Poster

Godzilla IMAX Poster
The birthplace of Godzilla is given props as the Japanese flag sits behind the monster king.

2. Godzilla Wags His Tail

Godzilla Wags His Tail
Godzilla makes his way through the city, the only way he knows how... by destroying it.

3. Godzilla Theatrical Poster

Godzilla Theatrical Poster
This Godzilla poster is the one you'll see at movie houses. It features the most vivid depiction of the monster yet!

4. Godzilla Trailer Poster

Godzilla Trailer Poster
This poster arrived in tandem with the first Godzilla trailer. It truly captured the spirit of the teaser.

5. Godzilla Movie Poster

Godzilla Movie Poster
This first Godzilla "movie" poster showed us a little bit of the big guy. Not enough to tell his full menacing nature.

6. Godzilla Comic-Con Poster

Godzilla Comic-Con Poster
The Godzilla Comic-Con poster was truly a piece of art. It clearly borrowed artistic themes from the Japanes monster movies from which it is inspired.

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The arrogance of man is thinking that nature is in our control and not the other way around.

Dr. Ishiro Serizawa

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