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Pixar has unveiled its first photo for Inside Out and its first poster as well. 

The envelope-pushing film features everything that makes us tick, emotionally that is. 

Each emotion is a character and the entire movie exists inside the head of our protagonist, Riley. 

Check out the first photo and poster treatment for Pixar's latest.

1. Inside Out Poster Is a Party

Inside Out Poster Is a Party
Is it us? Or is the official Inside Out poster make the Pixar movie feel like an event! Who we kidding? Pixar movies ARE events!

2. Meet Joy

Meet Joy
Meet Joy, she's voiced by Amy Poehler.

3. Meet Fear

Meet Fear
Fear is voiced (perfectly) by Bill Hader.

4. Meet Anger

Meet Anger
Ever listen to Lewis Black? Then you know he's perfect to be the voice of Anger in Inside Out.

5. Meet Disgust

Meet Disgust
Meet Disgust, who is voiced by Mindy Kaling.

6. Meet Sadness

Meet Sadness
Sadness gets her own poster, that ought to make her happy. Well, maybe not.

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Inside Out
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