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Mad Max is getting a reboot with the arrival of Tom Hardy as the character made famous by Mel Gibson.

Hardy stars in Mad Max: Fury Road and is joined by Charlize Theron in a post-apocalyptic world first shown to us decades ago.

Click through and check out all our photos from Mad Max: Fury Road.

1. Tom Pulls and Zoe Watches

Tom Pulls and Zoe Watches
Tom Hardy really wants what's below the ground. You'd think that Zoe Kravitz could help a little bit.

2. Don't Mess with Charlize

Don't Mess with Charlize
Is it us, or would not want want to mess with this little lady? Like ever!

3. Tom Hardy Goes Upside Down

Tom Hardy Goes Upside Down
Hey, whatever you have to do to stay alive, right?!

4. Tom Hardy Fights Off a Chainsaw

Tom Hardy Fights Off a Chainsaw
Is Leatherface in this flick? But seriously, talk about an action sequence. Tom Hardy's Mad Max fighting for his life on a car racing through the Australian outback while a man with a chainsaw seeks to kill him!

5. Nathan Jones Rides a Canan

Nathan Jones Rides a Canan
That road canon looks pretty serious!

6. Tom Hardy Takes Aim

Tom Hardy Takes Aim
Tom Hardy is Mad Max and Charlize Theron joins the franchise!

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You will arrive at the gates of Valhalla, shiny and chrome!

Immortan Joe

If you can't fix what's broken, you'll go insane.

Max Rockatansky

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