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McFarland USA is an inspiring true story from the same studio that brought us Miracle.

The film stars Kevin Costner as Coach Jim White, a man who created a cross country team in the poorest of California cities and taught his boys how to be champions. 

Disney has released a series of stills from the movie. 

Click through and discover the magic of McFarland USA.

1. Kevin Costner Coaches

Kevin Costner Coaches
Costner nails the coaching role in McFarland USA.

2. Kevin Costner Gets a Lesson in Mexican Culture

Kevin Costner Gets a Lesson in Mexican Culture
Don't challenge the cook!

3. The Community Comes Together

The Community Comes Together
This is a great moment from McFarland USA when Costner's daughter gets a Quinceanera.

4. Kevin Costner Hits the Fields

Kevin Costner Hits the Fields
Costner's Coach White hits the fields to learn what his students have to go through every morning before school and all weekend long.

5. McFarland Runs!

McFarland Runs!
They do a lot, but McFarland, USA runs and wins at running.

6. Maria Bello As Costner's Wife

Maria Bello As Costner's Wife
Maria Bello embodies Mrs. White, an integral part of the team.

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