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Ouija is coming from Universal, just in time for Halloween on October 24. The spooky "game" that finds players trying to contact the dead comes to life in a film from horror masters Blumhouse Productions. 

Universal Studios has released photos from the scary flick that features star Olivia Cookie trying to fend off a demon possession. 

Click through and check out our Ouija photos and poster!

1. Contacting the Spirits

Contacting the Spirits
Hey guys, given that this is a horror movie, is this "game" such a good idea to play in a dark deserted house where somebody killed themselves -- after playing the game!

2. Olivia Cooke Plays to Win

Olivia Cooke Plays to Win
Olivia Cooke is ready to play the game, and she won't let any Ouija board scare her!

3. Olivia Cooke Checks Upstairs

Olivia Cooke Checks Upstairs
It's always good in a horror movie to check upstairs when you hear something unusual.

4. The Ouija Poster

The Ouija Poster
Like the tagline, "Just keep telling yourself it's a game." Yeah, right!

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