Ranking the Killers of the Scream Franchise: Which was Best?

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Scream is the only horror movie franchise to change killers in every movie. There's no Michael Myers or Freddie Krueger that keeps coming back from the dead to haunt a new cast of unsuspecting victims. While it does keep the iconic Ghostface, it's always a new person behind that mask.

So, how do the killers of Scream stand up against each other? Check out our slideshow to find out! Obviously, spoilers ahead.

7. Charlie

Charlie ranks last on our list because he was probably the least influential and interesting killer of the franchise. He does get credit for possibly the most gruesome death of the series (other than maybe Casey) when he killed Olivia.

6. Roman

Scream 3 is the worst of the franchise, so it should be no surprise that Roman ranks low on our list. He mostly ranks above Charlie because none of the other murders would even have existed without him. That, and he's the only one to do it all on his own with no partner.

5. Stu

Stu was mostly just along for the ride. He even said himself that his motive was peer pressure, though, Casey breaking up with him for Steve was also part of it.

4. Mickey

Mickey gets points for having thought out an entire defense plan. He was completely insane, having no other real motive and being the only one who actually wanted to get caught.

3. Jill

Jill might have been the most entertaining of the bunch. Who didn't laugh when she threw herself into a mirror and on top of a coffee table? That doesn't mean she wasn't pure evil though, ruthlessly killing her own mother in order to play up the victim angle. She also gets points for coming the closest to actually killing Sidney, but some have to be deducted for not going for the heart as she did with Charlie.

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