Star Wars: The Force Awakens Character Names

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We met them in that awesome Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer. Now, we get to know their names. 

The new characters from the J.J. Abrams Star Wars movie have names!

Click through to learn what they are!

1. Oscar Isaac is Poe Dameron

Oscar Isaac is Poe Dameron
Flying that X-Wing, that's Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron.

2. Meet BB8

Meet BB8
R2D2 has competition in the favorite droid department, from that first teaser. Ladies and gentlemen, meet BB8.

3. Daisy Ridley is Rey

Daisy Ridley is Rey
We wonder if what happened to Carrie Fisher will happen to Daisy Ridley? When we see Carrie, we automatically think Princess Leia. Well, Ridley will now be known as Rey.

4. John Boyega is Finn

John Boyega is Finn
John Boyega is Finn. And the last time we checked, that ISN'T the name of a Storm Trooper. We knew it.... he's undercover!

5. Meet Kylo Ren

Meet Kylo Ren
That bad ass lightsaber shot that has the world buzzing, that's Kylo Ren wielding it. Of course we don't know who's playing him. Or her?

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