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Tammy stars Melissa McCarthy as the title character. She's a woman who isn't exactly having the best luck in life.

When she loses her job and then catches her man in bed with another woman, she has very few options left in life. What to do? Why not move in with your mother (Susan Sarandon)?

Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema have released a series of posters for Tammy.

Click through and marvel at the funny that is Melissa McCarthy -- even in a poster!

1. Melissa McCarthy "Flies" over Water!

Melissa McCarthy "Flies" over Water!
Melissa McCarthy will do anything to get away from her life, including ride a jet ski she is clearly not prepared for.

2. Tammy Poster

Tammy Poster
The "official" Tammy poster is quite tame, compared to the rest!

3. Tammy Hits the Road

Tammy Hits the Road
...and the road hits back!

4. Tammy is Coming in Hot

Tammy is Coming in Hot
Even Tammy's car is not all that great... looks like Melissa McCarthy has no brakes!

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The making of Tammy was a family affair and a passion project for Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone. Falcone wrote the script...

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