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The Boxtrolls are coming! The team who brought us Coraline and ParaNorman are back with a story of a group of trolls, called the Boxtrolls​, who live peacefully below the city. 

When a lost boy winds up down there, they take him in and raise him. Things are fine until a villain above ground decides to rid the world of them. 

The Focus Features movie lands in theaters September 26 and they're heading to Comic-Con. In honor of their San Diego trek, they've released four character posters of the big four! 

Click through and enjoy!

1. The Boxtrolls Official Movie Poster

The Boxtrolls Official Movie Poster
The official movie poster for The Boxtrolls shows off its eccentric cast!

2. Oil Can Character Poster

Oil Can Character Poster
The character poster for Oil Can!

3. The Fish Character Poster

The Fish Character Poster
Fish gets his own poster!

4. Meet Shoe!

Meet Shoe!
Shoe gets the spotlight in his own character poster.

5. Sparky is Electric!

Sparky is Electric!
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Sparky!

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The Boxtrolls
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The Boxtrolls Quotes

Winnie: When you meet someone you must look them in the eye and shake hands
Winnie: What are you doing?

[on seeing eggs scratching his crotch] NO! Don't scratch those! That's why they're called privates!


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