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Pierce Brosnan is back in action in The November Man. He plays a retired spy who gets called back into duty as a favor to a friend to help protect a witness, played by Olga Kurylenko.

Relativity Media has released the film's first stills and they show off the fact that Brosnan has not missed a step since walking away from being James Bond.

Click through and enjoy our photo gallery from The November Man

1. Pierce Brosnan is Back!

Pierce Brosnan is Back!
Since walking away from being Bond, we haven't seen Brosnan do action like we do in The November Man.

2. Pierce Protects Olga

Pierce Protects Olga
Olga Kurylenko plays the reason why Brosnan's character comes out of retirement. It's to protect her.

3. Got To Have a Nice Ride

Got To Have a Nice Ride
Hey, if you're going to come back to playing a spy and the last one you played drove Astin Martin's, gotta have a nice ride!

4. Pierce Counsels Luke

Pierce Counsels Luke
Luke Bracey plays a co-hort of Brosnan's. Wonder how this meeting is going?

5. Olga & Pierce Go for a Walk (to Safety)

Olga & Pierce Go for a Walk (to Safety)
Pierce's character is a retired spy, who gets called back to help a friend keep a witness (played by Kurylenko) safe.

6. Luke Bracey Gets Into Action

Luke Bracey Gets Into Action
Brosnan isn't the only one getting in on the action in The November Man!

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The November Man
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