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At the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we got a glimpse at the villainy that is coming at Peter Parker and his superhero alter-ego, Spider-Man. 

It is the Sinister Six. Revealed during The Amazing Spider-Man 2 credits sequence was a series of images that are the suits for the best villains in the entire Spidey world. 

Click through and check out the suits of the Spidey sextet of villains that will be coming our way in their own movie, The Sinister Six.

1. Doc Ock's Suit is Ready for Action

Doc Ock's Suit is Ready for Action
Doc Ock will be ready to be evil once again in The Sinister Six. He was our favorite Spidey villain from Spider-Man 2!

2. Green Goblin's Suit!

Green Goblin's Suit!
The Green Goblin suit we saw in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will get an upgrade in The Sinister Six.

3. Meet Mysterio

Meet Mysterio
Mysterio, we're guessing, is mysterious. But this pic of his suit is less so!

4. Kraven Suit

Kraven Suit
The suit for Kraven has us craving more.

5. Rhino's Nose Knows

Rhino's Nose Knows
Rhino's nose knows that he is one bad ass Spidey villain. He bookended The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and with Paul Giamatti playing him, prepare for some wicked good fun.

6. A View of Vulture

A View of Vulture
The Vulture suit gets a close-up. Ready for more when The Sinister Six comes?

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