Top 15 Christmas Movies of All Time

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It's that time of year where we tune in to the more holiday themed fare from Hollywood. So, what are the best Christmas movies of all time? 

There are so many classics, it is truly hard to choose. But, we manage to whittle it down to 15 Christmas classics.

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15. Christmas Vacation

Christmas Vacation
After Vacation and European Vacation, many wondered: Why do a third Vacation movie? But, when we first heard about it and knew its title, Christmas Vacation, the entire world thought, "How perfect!" The Griswold family Christmas would not be any normal holiday. In fact, it would be balls-to-the-wall hilarious. And frankly, where his family might have seen out there the first two movies, this holiday farce hit quite close to home.

14. Scrooged

Bill Murray playing a version of Dickens’ classic Scrooge from his A Christmas Carol? Yes, please… and what a story it was. Murray is an evil TV executive who fires one of his employees on Christmas Eve, right as he’s launching a live TV holiday special for his network. Yes, it’s A Christmas Carol. The Ghosts of Christmas Past visit him and slowly but surely, he comes around to realize the miracle of Christmas. This film -- that is the true miracle.

13. White Christmas

White Christmas
We adore White Christmas. The follow-up to Holiday Inn starred Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby as a couple of Army vets who get out of the service and head out on the road as a singing duo. When they’re snowed in in a small Vermont town, they discover that the miracle of Christmas is staring them right in the face in the form of a sister singing duo. You can’t go wrong with this romantic comedy holiday classic. Plus, it’s a chance for everyone to sing the title song and nothing can get you in the mood for the holiday like that Irving Berlin classic.

12. Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street
Yes, it’s a little on the schmaltzy side, but Miracle on 34th Street is perfect for those how can you believe in Christmas doubters!

11. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Writer Shane Black loves to set his movies at Christmas time and his first entry on this list is the underrated and totally awesome Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer crime classic Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Haven’t seen it? Run, don’t walk, and watch this unique holiday hit.

10. Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon
Yup, another Shane Black movie! Lethal Weapon, we think, is truly a Christmas movie in that it captures the sadder side of the holiday (yes, we know Lethal Weapon is about SO much more). But, many are truly sad at holiday time and quite alone and depressed. That is never so captured as it is by Mel Gibson’s character. But, through the joy he experiences with his partner’s (Danny Glover) family (and busting some bad guys’ heads), he discovers the joy of the season and life itself.

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