Top 15 Christmas Movies of All Time

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9. Gremlins

What a perfect Christmas present! Or is it? Gremlins arrived in the mid '80s and became one of our favorite holiday traditions. Just don’t feed them after midnight or get them wet. And if you do both, prepare for a holiday heart attack!

8. Bad Santa

Bad Santa
Subversive barely describes Bad Santa. The Billy Bob Thornton flick is the type of holiday movie we love to watch when we’re feeling a bit on the naughty side. And yes, we hope he revisits this character again.

7. Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas
When it comes to true animated Christmas movies, one of our favorite go-to's is Arthur Christmas. The Ardman Animation people truly hit a home run in this story of Arthur, a man who doesn’t quite fit in in the North Pole as the well oiled machine that is Santa and his army of holiday gift giving does its thing each year. But, Arthur will prove his worth and your heart might just pop out of your chest.

6. A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story
“You’ll poke your eye out!” Yes, he might just do that but all that Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) wants for Christmas is a BB gun, and by golly, we think he might just get it. There are too many classic moments in A Christmas Story to mention, but the leg lamp and the tongue getting frozen -- those are just the tip of the holiday iceberg of awesomeness.

5. Elf

Will Ferrell killed it as the Elf who just didn’t belong in Jon Favreau’s contribution to Hollywood holiday lore. Seeing Ferrell and his innocent ways take the mean streets of Manhattan never, ever gets old. Watch it, and prepare to utter the film’s quotes for the entire remainder of the holiday.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Tim Burton hit a home run in his stop motion animation flick about the man who rules over Halloween who wants to keep the holiday ruling going and seeks to dominate Christmas. It may be a Nightmare, but it is a holiday joy.

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