Top 15 Christmas Movies of All Time

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3. It’s A Wonderful Life

It’s A Wonderful Life
Jimmy Stewart and Frank Capra joined forces (one of many times they did so) and made movie magic with It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s hard to escape this flick each year as it airs on TV, but we think it is a uniquely perfect family moment to get the DVD or Blu-Ray and watch it without commercials. At the end don’t be surprised if you run down the streets of your town screaming, “Merry Christmas, everybody!”

2. Love Actually

Love Actually
One of the most delightful romantic comedies of all time is also one of the most fantastic holiday movies too. How writer-director Richard Curtis interweaves all these UK based storylines is nothing short of a Christmas miracle. Our favorite part is still when Andrew Lincoln shows up at Keira Knightley’s door, or when Hugh Grant’s PM is suddenly on stage in a school auditorium. Heck, there are too many magical moments in this flick to mention here. We’d be writing all day!

1. Die Hard

Die Hard
When it comes to Christmas classics, for us here at Movie Fanatic, it’s not Christmas until we watch Bruce Willis save the day in Die Hard. Where to start with this uniquely American miracle of Christmas? Willis crawling through the air vents saying, “Sure, head out to the coast” or perhaps the big reveal that features a tune (Ode to Joy) -- that has become a holiday standard -- playing as the real reason the group has taken over Nakatomi Plaza is revealed? We can’t choose a best part. They’re all, for us, Christmas classics.

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