Top 15 Movie News Headlines of 2014

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9. X-Men: Days of Future Past Works

X-Men: Days of Future Past Works
When we first heard that Bryan Singer was bringing the X-Men casts of old together with the X-Men First Class actors, we had our minds blown. Then, we thought about it. This had the potential to be an overcrowded disaster, a la Batman and Robin. But, then we saw it and it was awesome. Awesome, actually that’s too tame of a description. It’s one of the best films of 2014.

8. The LEGO Movie Shocks

The LEGO Movie Shocks
An animated movie that is solely comprised of LEGO figurines that is being released in the wasteland of February? Yeah, that’s probably not something to put on our calendars and even notice. WRONG! The LEGO Movie rocked on so many levels, not the least of which it was hilarious, it was action-packed, it featured cameos by some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and superheroes (Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Shaquille O'Neal to name a few). And that song… when it comes to The LEGO Movie, Everything IS Awesome! Look for this film to win the Best Animated Feature Oscar, too.

7. Bond 24 Is Spectre

Bond 24 Is Spectre
For fans of James Bond, Skyfall was right up there with the best of the series, if not the best. Following that up had to be a daunting task for Daniel Craig as 007 and Sam Mendes as his director. But, then we heard about the title and the villains. Spectre is the moniker?! That’s only the most iconic evil organization in the Bond canon. And with Christoph Waltz as a man that could be Spectre leader Ernst Stavro Blofeld (or some version of him, or even just working for him) and David Bautista as his henchman (a la Jaws), I think our head just exploded.

6. Guardians of the Galaxy Exceeds Expectations

Guardians of the Galaxy Exceeds Expectations
In hindsight, it didn’t seem like a risk at all. But, when Kevin Feige looked over his legion of superheroes at Marvel, choosing the Guardians of the Galaxy was a huge risk. Five new superheroes that most people had never heard of, two of which are completely CG, and it takes place in space? Wonder how that will work out? Not only is it one of the best movies of the year, it is also the most successful at the box office!

5. Harry Potter Spin-off Is Coming!

Harry Potter Spin-off Is Coming!
We knew that JK Rowling and Warner Bros. could not leave that Harry Potter world behind! And we’re glad they didn’t. Taking a little noticed textbook from the Harry Potter universe, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Rowling and Warner Bros. announced that a new trilogy set in the Harry Potter world is coming at audiences. This Muggle is maniacal with excitement.

4. Robin Williams Died

Robin Williams Died
We lost many greats this year in Hollywood, but none would be as shocking and leave such an enormous hole in our hearts as the suicide of Robin Williams. The man’s immense talent is impossible to argue with, and to think that there will be no more Williams’ movies or crazy late night TV show appearances to promote those movies is truly depressing. For decades he has enlightened our lives and now a bright, bright light has gone out.

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