Top 25 Time Travel Movies

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Time travel movies are a difficult film to make. There are so many plot holes that can be exposed if they are not done right. 

That's why these 25 time travel movies are truly special and have, in our opinion, gone down in history as some of the greatest to use that tricky plot tool that could be more land mine than anything else. 

Click through and discover our top 25 time travel movies of all time!

25. Hot Tub Time Machine

Hot Tub Time Machine
It was the silliest of ideas, a group of guys hop in a hot tub and get transferred back in time to the '80s where they get to relive a wild weekend of their youth. And the biggest shock was that the John Cusack-starring comedy worked. So much so, that we're getting Hot Tub Time Machine 2.

24. Peggy Sue Got Married

Peggy Sue Got Married
Kathleen Turner wonders how her life would have been different if she had made different choices. Well, guess what? She goes back in time and discovers that maybe her choices were not that far off from what she wanted after all. Nicolas Cage steals the show… love his doo-wop abilities!

23. Time After Time

Time After Time
HG Wells (Malcolm McDowell) must use his time machine to stop Jack the Ripper from killing a young woman (Mary Steenburgen). It is one wild idea and we still love it to this day.

22. About Time

About Time
The man who gave us Love Actually scored big time with this tale about the males in a family (father is Bill Nighy, son is Domhnall Gleeson) and their innate ability to go back in time. How they use it is a delight that gives a shot in the arm of originality to the stale rom-com genre.

21. Source Code

Source Code
Director Duncan Jones wows us with what in hindsight is the simplest of stories. Jake Gyllenhaal is a military man who must go back and relive a terrorist attack over and over until he gets it right. It is a stunner.

20. The Time Machine

The Time Machine
HG Wells' book comes to life in the 1960s original that serves as a cautionary tale when it comes to the venture of time travel. The 2002 remake isn't so bad either.

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