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Top Five not only stars Chris Rock, but is was written and was directed by the comic as well. 

The story follows Rock, who is a successful movie star/comic, who ignore his wife (Gabrielle Union) and his agent's (Kevin Hart) wishes and leaves it all behind to team up with a journalist (Rosario Dawson) to make a documentary on Haiti. 

The first photos from Top Five have landed from Paramount.

1. Chris Rock in Top Five

Chris Rock in Top Five
From the sounds of it, Top Five will easily be one of Chris Rock's top five before he's done!

2. Chris Rock and Charlie Rose

Chris Rock and Charlie Rose
Charlie Rose gets Rock's character all to himself to explain why he's making this documentary about Haiti.

3. Rosario Dawson and Chris Rock Take the Train

Rosario Dawson and Chris Rock Take the Train
Movie star on the train? Believe it in Top Five.

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Top Five
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Top Five kind of came out of left field and those are oftentimes the best surprises to get as a movie writer. Six months ago, this flick...

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