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Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton Picture

Billy Bob Thornton is an actor, writer, director and singer from Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Thornton has been acting since 1989, but got his real start after writing, directing, and starring in Sling Blade in 1996.

After Sling Blade, Billy Bob found his way into plenty of big hollywood movies including Armageddon, Pushing Tin, and Bandits.  However, it was his role in the 2003 Bad Santa that made him one of the most wanted men in Hollywood.

As a singer, Billy Bob Thornton was with the blues rock band, Tres Hombres and has also recorded a cover of the Johnny Cash "Ring of Fire."  Thornton is currently working on another album.

In his personal life, Thornton has been married five times, including his most famous marriage to Angelina Jolie.  Currently, Billy Bob is dating but doesn't think he'll get married again.

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