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Luke School was born in Dallas to Irish Catholic parents that also produced fellow Hollywood stars, Andrew and Owen Wilson. Owen initially attended Occidental College where he excelled at track and field before he discovered drama. Wilson later transferred to Texas Christian University. It was while Wilson was at school that he made his film debut in the 1996 Bottle Rocket by director Wes Anderson and co-written by his brother Owen.

After moving to Hollywood with his brothers, Luke quickly found his way into romantic comedies like Home Fries and had a fun cameo in the movie inside the movie in Scream 2. Wilson then re-united with Wes Anderson and his brother Owen to star in Rushmore.

Owen Wilson would become a big name in Hollywood after he co-starred along Reese Witherspoon in the extremely successful Legally Blonde in 2001. He then re-united with Wes and Owen for The Royal Tennenbaums that same year.

It was 2003, however, with his starring role in Old School that would make him a member of the distinguished Frat Pack and make him the incredible star he is today.

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