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Ray Liotta was born in Newark, New Jersey and his first acting gig was on the show, Another World in 1978.  Liotta made his big screen debut with a small part in The Lonley Lady in 1983.  His first major roles were in Something Wild in 1986 and then Field of Dreams in 1989.  However, the movie that would make Liotta a star came in the 1990 gangster movie, Goodfellas.

As a household name, Liotta would go on to star in The Rat Pack Heart Breakers, Blow, Smokin' Aces and Wild Hogs.  Liotta did the voice of the main character Tommy Vercetti in the iconic video game, Grant Theft Auto: Vice City.

In his personal life,  Liotta was married to Judy Campbell in 1997, who he met on the The Rack Pack set.  They had  daughter together and divorced in 2004.

In celebrity gossip news, Liotta was arrested with a DUI on February 17, 2007.

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