42 has arrived on DVD and Blu-Ray and it could not be more inspiring. The film 42 chronicles the life of Jackie Robinson, the man who wore that number and changed the world.
As The Host premieres on DVD and Blu-Ray, creator Stephenie Meyer is hoping for audiences beyond the few that turned out in theaters. The film stars Saoirse Ronan in a futuristic alien invasion movie meets Y.A. love triangle story.
Phantom arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray and revives the nuclear submarine thriller of the Cold War. David Duchovny and Ed Harris star as commanders of a nuclear submarine that goes rogue and threatens the fragile peace of the 1980's.
Iron Man 3 will likely be the biggest film of the year. Now with the announcement of the Blu-Ray/DVD release date, it will also look to be the biggest home video release of 2013 as well.
The Call lands on DVD and Blu-Ray and the Halle Berry-starring thriller is shockingly breathtaking. Berry stars as a 911 operator who gets pulled into a kidnapping where a life hangs in the balance.

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